State Testing

Wisconsin Connections Academy is a public school required to follow state and district requirements for testing. Our teachers work with students to make testing a success and as stress free as possible.  We meet families at a variety of locations around the state.

Throughout the year different grades are required to take different assessments, below is a preliminary outline of testing for the 2017-18 school year.

K - 3 - Reading and Math Screener in the Fall, Winter, and Spring 

3 - 8 - Forward Exam in April or May

9 - 10 - ACT Aspire Exam in April or May (10th graders also take a Social Studies portion of the Forward exam)

11 - Juniors get to take the ACT exam for free which can be used for college admissions. This test is typically in February or March each year.

AASD Testing Schedules