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History of WCA

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In 2000, the Appleton Area School District recognized the need for virtual education through conversations with parents and students, outreach to local and statewide communities, and the knowledge that the traditional classroom does not meet the needs of all students. As a result, Appleton Area School District contracted with Connections Academy, Inc. and the charter school, Wisconsin Connections Academy (WCA) opened its doors in Fall of 2002.

WCA wants each student maximize his potential and meet the highest performance standards. The program combines the best in virtual education with very real connections among students, families, teachers, and the community. The backbone of the curriculum is delivered with offline materials including lesson manuals, textbooks, workbooks, worksheets, and other supplementary materials depending on the grade level.

Although WCA students attend school from a variety of locations, each student has a Wisconsin licensed teacher and a learning coach (usually a parent). As a team, the student, learning coach, and teacher work together to meet the student's educational needs and the State Curriculum Standards. Each WCA student is also linked via the internet with other WCA students. 

Flexibility with Accountability

Learning coaches have the flexibility to alter time and activities within a given day. Student progress must be shown, in all curricular areas through the semester report card. Informal and formal assessments such state testing ensures that State Standards and essential learning objectives are being met. Daily attendance and progress are recorded in Connexus, the school's computerized learning management system.