Dogs at School

Dogs at School
Posted on 02/01/2018
Jolie completing school work with her dogs

Wisconsin Connections Academy students enjoy many benefits of being able to school at home.  Athletics, clubs, church groups, and traveling are among the many common benefits families have mentioned over the years.  This past year Jolie and her family found a new reason to celebrate being a Connections Academy family, fostering dogs.

Jolie and her mom Debbie had an idea that fostering dogs could be a reality for them.  This process wasn’t easy as they had to go through an interview process and show that they would be a good fit for fostering.  Once this was completed Jolie and her mom were ready to foster. 

As a home for fostered dogs it was important that they could provide a living home so the dogs would not be afraid.  The goal was to help the dogs prepare for their future “forever” homes.  In the spring Jolie was able to foster 3 dogs all who got great homes.  Of course when you foster dogs you might fall in love with the dogs yourself and this happened to Jolie as she adopted Denali a lab-mix.  Denali has been a great addition to her family and has fit in well with her other dog Louie a mini schnauzer.

“It is a lot of fun playing with all these dogs, along with a lot of work, but it’s worth it!”

This experience has been very rewarding for Jolie as she has learned a lot of responsibility and had the satisfaction of making a difference in the lives of these dogs.  Jolie stated, “It’s horrible what some people do to these poor dogs, so to see them happy again is amazing.”  She loves to see the dogs happy as they wag their tail and smile as this makes it all worth it.  Schooling at Wisconsin Connections Academy was already a success for Jolie as she has been schooling at WCA since joining as a second grader in 2011, now she has one more reason to believe that WCA is a great fit for her and her family.